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Gabriela Aguileta


Peer-reviewed articles

  1. Sinigaglia, B., Escudero, J., Biagini, S.A., ..., Aguileta, G., ..., Bertranpetit, J., Muñoz, F.J. and Bosch E. (2024) Exploring adaptive phenotypes for the human calcium-sensing receptor polymorphism R990G. Molecular Biology and Evolution 41: msae015.
  2. Dobon, B. Musciotto, F., Mira, A., Greenacre, M., Schlaepfer, R. Aguileta, G., ..., Migliano, A.B., and Bertranpetit, J. (2023) The making of the oral microbiome in Agta hunter-gatherers. Evolutionary Human Sciences 5:e13.
  3. Castelli, E.C., de Almeida, B.S., Muniz, Y.C.N., ..., Aguileta, G., ... and Donadi E.A. (2021) HLA-G genetic diversity and evolutive aspects in worldwide populations. Scientific Reports 11:1-16.
  4. Caputo, T., Tran, V.D.T., Bararpour, N., Aguileta, G., ... and Gilardi, F. (2020) Anti-adipogenic signals at the onset of obesity-related inflammation in white adipose tissue. Cell Mol Life Sci. 78: 227-247.
  5. Marolleau, B., Petiteau, A., Bellanger, M.-N., Sannier, M., ..., Aguileta, G., ..., Le Cam, B., Soufflet-Freslon, V. and Hibrand-Saint Oyant, L. (2020) Strong differentiation within Diplocarpon rosae based on microsatellite markers and greenhouse-based inoculation protocol on Rosa. Plant Pathology 69:1093-1107.
  6. Branco, S., Badouin, H., Rodríguez de la Vega, R., Gouzy, J., Carpentier, F., Aguileta, G., ... and Giraud, T. (2017) Evolutionary strata on young mating-type chromosomes despite the lack of sexual antagonism. PNAS 114:7067-7072.
  7. Badouin, H., Gladieux, P., Gouzy, J., Siguenza, S., Aguileta, G., Snirc, A., Le Prieur, S., Jeziorski, C., Branca, A. and Giraud, T. (2017) Widespread selective sweeps throughout the genome of model plant pathogenic fungi and identification of effector candidates. Molecular Ecology 26:2041-2062.
  8. Gladieux, P., Byrnes, E.J.III, Aguileta, G., Fisher, M., Billmyre, R.B., Heitman, J. and Giraud, T. (2017) Epidemiology and Evolution of Fungal Pathogens in Plants and Animals. Genetics and Evolution of Infectious diseases, 2nd ed. 71-98.
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  10. Chiapello, H. ,Mallet, L., Guérin, C., Aguileta, G. et al. (2015) Deciphering genome content and evolutionary relationships of isolates from the fungus Magnaporthe oryzae attacking different host plants. Genome Biology and Evolution 7:2896-2912.
  11. Badouin, H., Hood, M.E., Gouzy, J., Aguileta, G., Siguenza, S., Perlin, M.H., Cuomo, C.A., Fairhead, C., Branca, A. and Giraud, T. (2015). Chaos of rearrangements in the mating-type chromosomes of the anther-smut fungus of Microbotryum lychnidis-dioicae. Genetics 200:1275-1284.
  12. Perlin, M.H., Amselem, J., Fontanillas, E., Toh, S.S., Chen, Z., Goldberg, J., Duplessis, S., Henrissat, B., Young, S., Zeng, Q., Aguileta, G., et al. (2015). Sex and Parasites: Genomic and transcriptomic analysis of Microbotryum lychnidis-dioicae, the biotrophic and plant-castrating anther smut fungus. BMC Genomics 16:461.
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  14. Ropars, J., Aguileta, G., de Vienne D.M. and Tatiana Giraud (2014) Massive gene swamping among cheese-making Penicillium fungi. Microbial Cell 1:107-109.
  15. Aguileta, G., de Vienne, D.M., Ross, O.N., et al. (2014) High variability of mitochondrial gene order in fungi. Genome Biology and Evolution 6:451-465.
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  18. Gabaldon, T., Martin,T., Marcet-Houben,M., Durrens,P., Bolotin-Fukuhara,M., Lespinet,O., Aguileta,G., et al. (2013) Comparative genomics of emerging pathogens in the Candida glabrata clade. BMC Genomics 14:623.
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Book chapters

  1. Gladieux, P., Byrnes III, E.J., Aguileta, G., Fisher, M., Heitman, J., Giraud, T. (2013) Epidemiology and Evolution of Fungal Pathogens in Plants and Animals. In : Genetics and Evolution of Infectious Diseases. Michel Tibayrenc (ed.). Elsevier, Inc. London, 749p.
  2. Aguileta G., and Giraud T. (2012) Application of codon models to the study of fungal genome evolution. In : Codon Evolution. Mechanisms and Models. Gina M. Cannarozzi and Adrian Schneider (eds.) Oxford University Press. 296p.



  1. Aguileta, G. PhD Thesis. (2004) The evolution of the beta-globin gene family. Director : Professor Ziheng Yang. University College London, London, UK.
  2. Aguileta, G. BSc Thesis in Spanish. (1999) Construction, purification and kinetic characterization of two chimerical proteins of Triosephosphate Isomerase (TIM). Director : Alejandro Fernández Velasco. Universidad Nacional Autó- noma de México.


Popular science books (in Spanish)

Miguel Ángel & Gabriela Aguileta. (2006). "Las células madre", 24pp. Libros del escarabajo, México, D.F. ISBN 970-5775-20-6. (on stem cells)


Gabriela Aguileta (2005). "El origen de la vida", 24pp. Libros del escarabajo, México, D.F. ISBN 970-5775-17-6 (on the origin of life)


Gabriela Aguileta (2005). "Los virus", 24pp. Libros del escarabajo, México, D.F. ISBN 970-5775-15-X (on viruses)