Dr. Gabriela Aguileta

Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics

Research Interests

I use statistics and bioinformatics to study evolutionary and biomedical questions. My studies range from the molecular level of sequence evolution, under the framework of comparative, biomedical and integrative genomics, up to the level of ecology, metabolic regulation, and cancer. I am interested in the integration of different data types issuing from epigenetics and metabolomics to study the transcriptional regulation of metabolic processes. I also work on data analysis in cancer genomics, to assess the quality of WGS and bioinformatics pipelines for variant calling of somatic and germline variants.

I have developed, designed and collaborated in several research projects. Here are the main areas of my research so far:

Gabriela Aguileta

Integrative genomics


Comparative genomics


Cancer genomics


Ecological genomics


Molecular Evolution